Launch of YOOM in the German Market: Expansion in Hamburg and Berlin

Hamburg Fest

This summer, from May to November, we are introducing YOOM to the German Delikatessen and Foodservice store segment, focusing on the northern and eastern regions of the country. Hamburg is our main hub in the north, while Berlin is our focus in the east.

Hamburg Fest1

Launch Promotions in Wholesale Markets

On Wednesday, May 15th, we held a launch promotion organized by YOOM and Den Berk, in coordination with our local Marketing specialist Green Gurillas GmbH, at the Hamburg wholesale market in collaboration with Elbegarten.

The following day, Thursday, we hosted another promotion at the Berlin wholesale market, partnering with Keuthmann. These events were essential in presenting YOOM to key premiums and specialist retailers in these significant cities.

Hamburg Fest2

YOOM is now also available in Germany through the wholesale markets in Hamburg and Berlin! This strategy enables us to directly reach Delikatessen stores and food service providers in these targeted regions.

We are excited about the growth and expansion opportunities this introduction brings and look forward to your continued support to establish our brand in Germany.

With the ongoing support of our partners, we are confident that YOOM will become a standout product in the German market.

Hamburg Fest3