ARTEGUSTO® and YOOM®: united through our passion for flavour


At YOOM® we have a commitment: to grow the best tomatoes around the world, paying the utmost attention to every detail of the process until they reach your table so as to always guarantee the best flavour. This is a commitment we share with ARTEGUSTO®, Le jardin des saveurs (The Flavour Garden), by our truster partner for Switzerland, which seeks to constantly surprise consumers with exclusive and original products in terms of aroma and flavour.

As part of its passion for careful farming of the land and the art of good food, ARTEGUSTO® operates in accordance with three core values, which provide the basis for its choice of the products it markets:


New colours, aromas, flavour combinations... The aim is to surprise consumers by creating unforgettable culinary experiences.


This is at its heart and is where it focuses all its attention, by growing the best products and carefully selecting them to offer the highest quality flavour.


Incredible in terms of flavour, but not only that. In addition to being tasty and healthy, ARTEGUSTO® products win over all five senses: they are also a joy to behold, filling every menu with colour in a way that is both unique and memorable.

These three values are reflected in the slogan for ARTEGUSTO®, Le jardin des saveurs (The Flavour Garden), which speaks of its extensive experience in producing fresh vegetables, offering wide-ranging knowledge of production in order to cultivate the excellent produce typical of a traditional family vegetable garden.

With Le jardin des saveurs (The Flavour Garden) from ARTEGUSTO®, The Flavour Experience from YOOM® achieves its full potential. We share the same passion for flavour and the same vision about how to achieve it, based on painstaking work, maximum focus and care, and putting quality above everything.

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