ROST joins the great family of YOOM™ producers


With the aim of being everywhere in the world in order to reach everybody, the great family of YOOM™ producers is continuing to grow thanks to the ROST group of companies, the newest member of our family, in Russia.

ROST is one of the leading vegetable growers in the Russian market. It owns 15 high-tech greenhouses which enable it to harvest crops throughout the year. Its largest distribution centre, located in Moscow, is equipped with the latest sorting and packing lines.

In addition to productivity, one highly important aspect in the growth process is environmentally friendly technology. All the plants are protected from the common risks facing crops grown in open fields, making it possible to avoid using chemical products.

Natural assistants of plant cultivation and protection

Inside the greenhouses, the latest technology and the wisdom of nature work together in harmony. The pollination of the plants by bumble bees ensures the crop and improves the quality of the vegetables, and the plants that protect the insects create the most reliable biological protection.

The greenhouses have also been designed with hygienic modules to ensure a closed phytosanitary system, thus reducing the plants’ risk of accidental bacterial and fungal infections.

United through The Flavour Experience

ROST has the latest micro-climate management, automated watering, plant growth analysis and monitoring, and independent energy generation systems. A new partner with which we share a common philosophy and way of doing things, and which will help us keep expanding and sharing #TheFlavourExperience.