YOOM™ production starts strong in the U.S.

production start in the U.S.

YOOM™, which first debuted at the International Fresh Produce Association Trade Show in October 2022, has seen a sharp increase in production over the past few months.

According to Ryan Cherry, Director of Sales for Windset Farms®, “The crop looks beautiful and is off to a great start with all the sunny days we’ve been having. This last winter season was a wet one. The seasonal transition from winter to spring with light levels coming up and warmer temperatures have our plants thriving.”

Cherry notes that “YOOM Cocktail Tomatoes are the color of black pearl on the outside, with a deep scarlet color on the inside, and have savory umami flavor,” adding that the tomatoes also contain high levels of anthocyanins, the pigment found in the tomatoes, which provide essential vitamins and minerals.

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