We interview Jeremie Chabanis, Head of the Syngenta Value Chain


Jeremie Chabanis believes the size, texture, crunchiness and juiciness of the cocktail tomato variety of YOOM™ makes it a real gourmet experience for everyone.

“Healthy and tasty in just two bites, Syngenta’s internal trial has shown that each YOOM™ tomato contains higher levels of anthocyanins, compared to regular tomatoes,” pointed out Mr Chabanis. “The higher levels of anthocyanins give it its distinctive purple skin.” Anthocyanins are believed to have proactive properties against a range of health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes and inflammation.

 “As the YOOM™ tomato ripens naturally on the vine it takes on the wonderfully attractive deep purple colour and develops its firm texture and natural sugars. Consumers are positively surprised by this fresh flavour and unique Umami sensation,” he added.

YOOM™ is also a great source of essential minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C, potassium and selenium, which all contribute to a healthy diet and provide a convenient and instant healthy lifestyle product.

Following a successful winter production programme in southern Europe, growth is now in full swing in some northern European countries - enabling local production wherever possible, in addition to the potential for continued year-round supply.