Yoom® arrives in South Korea with Wooil-farm


Asia's largest agricultural company has been chosen to grow Yoom® tomatoes in South Korea.

Yoom® the flavour experience is broadening its horizons thanks to the addition of Wooil-farm as the selected farmer for local crops in South Korea.

The South Korean company, one of the largest tomato producers in the country (over 3,000 tonnes a year), will apply its extensive experience and innovative farming techniques to ensure the public can access the flavour experience of Yoom®.

Wooil-farm takes such great care of its crops that it even plays music in its greenhouses, as this is supposed to improve the quality of the product.

In addition, its smart facilities – which are connected to the cloud and can be monitored 24/7 from any device by using the app – control the humidity and temperature so that our tomatoes always grow in the ideal conditions.

Yoom® is available in South Korea's largest supermarket chains. The most exacting consumers will be able to purchase them at PK Market, one of the most famous brick-and-mortar stores for leading products in South Korea, and at Emart, its well-known – and largest – online supermarket.

In short, this is a fantastic addition to the worldwide family of Yoom® through which the South Korean population will be able to enjoy the perfect tomato in salads and aperitifs or even just on its own.