YOOM®, undisputed star in the final of the BOCUSE D’OR

Photography by: Eric Marin @ericmarinphotographe and www.eric-marin.com

The Bocuse d’Or, the international event devoted to haute cuisine, has crowned France as the winner after an intense competition which took place over two days. Represented by the chef Davy Tissot with three dishes where tomatoes took centre stage, it won the gold medal. This victory represents France's return to the podium for this culinary competition, which it last won in 2013.

The teams were set the task of creating a complete takeaway menu made up of starters, main courses and desserts, centring on a seasonal product: the tomato.

The menu submitted by Tissot showcased the tomato in all its diversity. The starter was made up of a quarter of a tomato and mustard, with a burnt tomato sauce and a slice of tomato confit, with tomato water, Kombucha ice cream and verbena oil. The main course consisted of a tomato stuffed with shrimp, with a jus made from shrimp heads and tomato, basil oil, mushrooms and selected herbs. And for dessert, there was a "purple plum” - as the chef called the YOOM® tomato - tomato candy combined with the flavour provided by a dish of fermented and fruity tomato.

Tissot found in the colour and flavour of YOOM® the elements to make his entry stand out and award him the Bocuse d’Or as the winner of the international competition. YOOM® also brought to the dessert a perfect combination of amino acids and a strong taste of umami - the so-called fifth flavour -, which heightens the intensity and tastiness of foods.

France already had good reason to be proud of its cuisine. But now it has many more reasons, now that French chef Davy Tissot has won the Bocuse d'Or during the SIRHA (the international fair for the restaurant, catering and food industry) event, ahead of Denmark and Norway, who achieved second and third place, respectively. This victory means that France has won this culinary award once again, something which it had been unable to achieve since the year Thibaut Ruggeri was proclaimed winner.