YOOM™ purple tomato sensation attracts new customers


The exciting new purple-skinned YOOM tomato is proving a sensational proposition to claim a solid positioning on the shelves of retailers and consumers.

Developed through a natural selection breeding programme by tomato specialists at Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, YOOM tomatoes have a distinctive purple skin. Packed with flavour it has the perfect sweet and sour balance, which gives consumers a unique lasting Umami taste sensation.

Year-round supply from professional growers is set to build customer loyalty due to the quality taste and healthy tomatoes, backed by an innovative campaign to support the visually recognisable and informative YOOM brand - including packaging, advertising, dedicated website and social media activities.

An initial pilot phase - launched at Fruit Logistica 2019 - gained instant attraction from growing markets across Europe, including Spain, Italy and Portugal, in addition to supplying France, Benelux countries, Germany and the UK. It is now being extended to North America and Australasia.