YOOM™: the tomato that cares about you and the planet's health


At YOOM™ we cultivate quality every day and, to do so, we select the best farmers near you who hand-pick tomatoes at their optimum ripeness.

Our goal is to always offer you a sustainable product of the highest quality, regardless of country, producer or time of year so you can enjoy its color, aroma and flavor at the right time.

The best flavor is grown locally

We grow our tomatoes around the world looking for the ideal weather conditions for their perfect growth; this way we reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the distance in the delivery of products, and you always have it available!

YOOM™, perfect for everything and everyone

As the natural and healthy food that it is, YOOM™ is full of components, vitamins and minerals beneficial for your organism: calcium, fiber, iron, water or vitamins A, C, E, among many others.

The best of all? It helps you take care of yourself without realizing it, always enjoying the best taste.

It allows you to take care of yourself effortlessly

You know that what you eat is important and you are looking to take care of yourself through healthy eating and regular exercise.

YOOM™ is perfect for you thanks to the great antioxidant power: its purple color is indicative of its high content of anti-ocyanins (twice as much as a normal tomato), helping you fight chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Helps regulate your cholesterol

Hypercholesterolemia affects more than 50% of the population. Foods containing OMEGA 3, like YOOM™, are increasingly in demand to tackle it.

YOOM™ is rich in OMEGA 3, which stands out for its anti-inflammatory properties, and in vitamins A, C and potassium, which give it a great diuretic capacity for the elimination of toxins. In addition, both vitamins contribute to strengthen the immune system, reducing tiredness and fatigue.

And of course, it helps you feel good

A proper intestinal transit is very important for our body: YOOM™ is a food rich in fiber that helps you balance your digestive system, providing you with an important part of the daily amount of fiber your body needs.