yoom tomatoes

Maximum quality for maximum taste


YOOM™ branded tomatoes come from authorised farmers using high quality seeds obtained through traditional techniques, so that they can produce the best tomatoes under the YOOM™ brand.

Our professional partners, specialising in premium-quality tomato production, are interested in the innovative approach of this tomato project connected to healthy lifestyles and consumption of new tomato types.

Yoom™: a flavor grown by selected farmers

A unique product from north to south

Grown in several countries of the 5 continents YOOM™ tomatoes always reach their optimum ripeness on the vine, resulting in different growing periods that will affect the external colour depending on the latitude; they will be blacker in regions with more hours of sunlight and have light purple tones in the rest. This variation allows the maximum quality of YOOM™ to be enjoyed all year round.