Wake up your senses every bite

Pleasure in two mouthfuls

Its unusual colour, together with its size, crunchy texture and juicy inside, make YOOM™ the perfect tomato to enjoy in your salads and aperitifs or even just on its own!

Taste that will last on your palate

Thanks to its combination of amino acids and flavours, it has a strong taste of umami – the so-called fifth flavour –, which heightens the intensity and tastiness of foods.

Treat yourself: discover it!

Enjoying YOOM™ is very simple: leave the house, go to your usual supermarket and you're sure to find it! In addition, thanks to its original format it will always be in excellent condition.

Your daily ration of vitality

Include YOOM™ in your 5 daily servings of fruit and vegetables. Use it in your recipes to make them more nutritious and look after your diet without giving up on taste.

A rich source of nutrients

Its characteristic purple tints indicate high concentration of anthocyanin and carotenoids – potent antioxidants which help to fight tiredness. In addition, it has a large amount of vitamin C, as well as a high magnesium and potassium content, which makes it the ideal food by participating in regulating blood pressure and the problems associated with cardiovascular illnesses.