Make your delicious moment

Surprise your guests with something exclusive

Show you have unique taste. Raise the level of your get-togethers with the elegant appearance of YOOM™. Its characteristic size and colour will make your dishes more attractive and succulent.

Give your recipes a distinctive touch

Achieve a unique flavour in your meals with the intense, exclusive taste of YOOM™. Its explosive taste, slightly spicy on the palate, make it a unique tomato which goes well in both traditional recipes and in other more exotic dishes from Asian cuisine.

The natural supplement for athletes

Keep your body fine-tuned with YOOM™. Its high anti-oxidant content and vitamins will help you fight free radicals and reduce tiredness. In addition, it contains magnesium and potassium, elements that are essential for preventing the dreaded cramps during your more intense sessions.

A healthy snack for children and grown-ups

Enjoy in just two bites a healthy, light snack which is perfect at any time. Thanks to YOOM™’s size and original packaging, you have a healthy, practical and above all tasty option when you fancy a bite to eat.