Tasty AND interesting! Discover what you don't know about tomatoes


Although it's difficult to imagine the kitchen without tomatoes, they have only been present in Europe for five centuries. Do you know where they come from and how they got here?

The word ‘tomato’ comes from the Nahuatl ‘tomatl’ which means ‘fat water fruit.’ Nahuatl was the language spoken by The Aztecs.

Its seeds were brought to Europe from The New World in the 16th century and it's precisely the fact that they contain seeds that categorizes them as a fruit (and not a vegetable even though they are added to salads, sandwiches and all kinds of dishes).

Among the first variants of tomatoes that came to Europe, one that is worth noting is the yellow coloured tomato that grew in Europe and became known as ‘pomodoro,’ translated as ‘golden apple.’

Nowadays it is one of the few fruits found in supermarkets all year round. Since this time growers and retailers have been investing a lot of efforts in developing new shapes, colours and size to please the consumers. Every farmers are taking care of producing the best quality to satisfy all of us. So, if you want to discover more about tomatoes you will always be able to do it with YOOM™ tomatoes!