YOOM™ A WHOLE EXPERIENCE: seasonal colours variation for your eyes


Gold award at Fruit Logistica Innovation Awards 2020, YOOM ™ has been recognized for its outstanding flavour and texture, on top of a unique intense purple colour.

The innovative purple colour of YOOM™ is related to the high concentration of anthocyanins on the fruit skin and flesh. Lycopene, responsible for red, and Carotene, responsible for orange color, are also present in the fruits as both are contributing to the anthocyanins plant production. The unmistakable sign is the star present in the calyx area, which turns orange when the tomato is at its right point of ripeness, meaning that this coloration is among the pallet of colors that characterize this unique variety.

The production of anthocyanins on the fruits is more intense under low light conditions and cooler temperature. Anthocyanins are concentrated mainly on the skin and less on flesh. Production of lycopene and Carotene is increasing in spring and summer with more light intensity and higher temperature.

During the cold months YOOM’s color is more intense purple than in summer. During late spring-summer and under intense light and continuing high temperature during day-night, growers will harvest tomatoes fruits that may appear less dark color, medium purple to dark orangish colour. It is based on plant and fruit physiology influenced by Nature. It is normal for such a natural product to follow the environmental circumstances. The same is happening to red color tomatoes as most of them are pale orange in winter and more bright red in summer.

YOOM™ is offering us, consumers a surprising colorful journey along the seasons. All of these compounds are welcome for our vitality and healthy lifestyle. What never varies is its excellent quality and incredible umami flavour, with a perfect balance between sourness and sweetness, which conquers consumers around the world day after day, surrendered to the authentic #TheFlavourExperience.